Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mini strokes...

The duck situation is a little better, not much, but a little. They still start screaming at around 6:45am until about 8. My poor neighbor, I need to leave him a care package. The duck area is basically right next to his house, that was a great idea... Another brilliant idea was positioning the beehive on our backporch right next to the stairs that lead to the farm!! So every morning i have to haul ass past the bees by running down the steps. Ive had many near death experiences doing this. Especially now that the bees have multiplied like crazy. If i get outside early enough, before the bees wake up, I'm ok but anytime after that and I use the front door and just go around. We're thinking about building somekind of two panel blockade so solve this problem. Evidently if there is a wall or object in front of the hive they will fly straight up and out. So if I put one panel on the side next to the stairs and one directly infront of their entrance we may be able to coexist with bees living on the porch. But the tapping sound they make on the kitchen window at night when the lights are on isn't going anywhere im afraid. Who knew bees were attracted to lights like moths??
Oh yea, And I need some advice about getting rid of a nasty aphid problem, any ideas??? Aphids plus ants equals grumpy farmer... Just sayin.'

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Animals gone wild

i know I normally write about being overwhelmed and astonished by crazy animals, but I may have reached my limit. So since we have temporarily adopted these ducks, all he'll has broken loose and the ducks have tried their hardest to give me a stroke. When the new ducks were put in with the old ducks, I had them separated within the pen. That next morning I woke up to the loudest quacking I've heard yet. So I go outside and the ducks have broken through the inner barrier and are tear-assing back and forth like ping pong balls in this pen. When a new duck met an old duck they would scare each other so badly they would turn in the opposite direction and haul ass away, only to meet another strange duck two feet later. Do there were 24 grown geese sized ducks basically running in circles from each other. It was the craziest thing. Then the ducks would yell, making deputy dingle yell back, and thus went on for probrebly an hour before I said, f-it! And separated the ducks. So now I have the new ducks living with the goats and things have been much more peaceful... I haven't had a stroke yet. I have decided to downsize the animal situation. I sold the last three rabbits so now I only have two, my farm lady friend is coming tomorrow morning for the rouens, all eight if them. And if that old deputy dingle isn't getting down to business, he's getting put on craigslist!! Well, probrebly not, but it make me feel better knowing I have options.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Farm updates!

its so nice to know we were missed!! We've been super homesteading these last few weeks, its hard to remember what's happened! First, we've met a kindred spirit in the hood with ducks and chickens that he had to get rid of because somebody reported him. So we are going to be harboring his poutlry for a while until he can find other arrangements. This brings the number of ducks in the back yard to about 25. Omg, this is crazy. And I think there is a rooster as well... Trouble. The ducks are adorable though. They're spotted like a dog, it's so cute. But this is just the kind of kick in the pants needed to get a chicken petition going. Let us know if you'd like to get involved!!
We have started the fall garden with mixed results, the red Hopi dye amaranth has done really well, but the golden giant amaranth keeps getting eaten by varments. The peas and beans sprang back to life after the repeated goat/duck attacks a few weeks ago. Thank goodness. The red Russian kale is getting bigger and I'm still waiting for the carrots and beets to come up, but it's only been a few day since I planted them.
I think deputy dingle is getting the job done as well. I pretty sure they have the height difference figured out, he stands on the highest pallet in the manger while sugarbit backs up on the ground, sorry for that visual, but that kind of nitty gritty knowledge is part of farm life, haha. So gross. Don't worry, I won't post pictures of that. But I will post others!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Triple threat

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King of the castle

Look what we made! And the goats love it! Now they play king of the castle and it's hilarious! We've also made a new goat fence out of reclaimed wood shipping containers. And I made a duck area too out of the same stuff. Hopefully my garden will finally be safe. I kind of went nutty yesterday and if you heard shreeking, that was not coco the local hooker, it was me. After chasing goats out if the garden all day, I built that darn fence single handedly and I couldn't be prouder. And after that I filled the raised beds in the lots with seeds and pulled the destroyed garden beds back to life. I strung up the Peking black peas and the Kentucky wonder snap beans. We had bamboo poles that were almost as tall as the upstairs windows that I made a trellise- like thing out of for them. That's after I had a near death experience trying to make a teepee. Picture bamboo coming at your head from all directions! I had to dive out of harms way, action movie style, landing with a splat. It was rediculous. And while all this chaos is going down, the baby never even stirred from his sleep once. Crazy.